Sunday, July 02, 2006

I hope Faythe doesn't mind

But I have to borrow her Punk-Ass Beeeyotch rating system. A co-worker recently suggested I see The Devil Wears Prada. I asked him if the movie was "Theater Worthy" and he said yes. I disagree. So much that I had to call him out in blogland. That's right Shawn, you've been PAB'd! Don't get me wrong, the movie was cute.

So first, let me say that Meryl (Miranda) pretty much steals the movie from the main character, Andrea. I'm not going to sum up the entire movie, just the points that irritate me.

First, Miranda calls Andrea a fat girl. Har har har that's funny because we all know she's just catty and Andrea is not fat at all. I think there's at least one more mention of Andrea being fat, though she says she's a size 6. But then at the end of the movie, Andrea points out that she is a size four now!! Ha ha ha! Jokes on us! Because apparently it's actually really important to not be a fat girl at size 6! Shame on you Hollywood, shame on you!

My next beef with this movie is how it attempts to make Andrea the bad guy because she devotes herself to a job temporarily so she can make a name for herself in New York. A small town girl from Ohio, she moves to the Big Apple to pursue journalism and instead takes on the Administrative Assistant job at a fashion magazine. Yes, sacrifices must be made but apparently, it's not acceptable in this movie. There's a scene where she gives her friends gifts that were promotional items, example; a $1,900.00 purse. While her friends and boyfriend are oohing and aahing over the expensive gifts, she gets a phone call from her boss. Everyone grabs her cell phone and plays keepaway; when she finally gets the phone, they act upset. Hello!! Am I the only one that see's these people as ungrateful brats?? She misses her boyfriends birthday party due to a work-related event (she even leaves early and misses out on a great networking opportunity) and he acts like a baby. Later in the movie, she apologizes again for missing his birthday and he says, "I'm not five." Uh, then why were you upset?

A laughable scene is when her dad said, "You were accepted to Stanford Law School and you turned it down..." BAHAHAH! Yeah right, are we supposed to really believe that? Supposedly her wages at a huge fashion magazine as the editors aministrative assistant are poor. So poor that her daddy gives her money to help out with rent. He implies that she would actually make more money as a journalist. *snort!* We later see her applying for a job as a journalist in a beat up old building that looks like the typical Hollywood newspaper office. Somehow, I doubt this job will pay her more than the position working for an editor of a magazine that casually throws out a $300,000 photo shoot because it's not good enough.

OH OH and then there's her boyfriend who is supposedly a chef-wannabe! One night he makes her a grilled cheese sandwhich. It's BURNED and GREASY! At the end of the movie, he gets a job as a sous chef. PULEASE!

At one point Andrea is crying to another co-worker about how Miranda hates her. She gets in trouble because she's unable to book a flight for Miranda out of Miama during a hurricane. He basically tells her it's because she's not trying hard enough. She admits, "Yes, I screwed up." Huh? *sigh* She then makes up for it by dressing fashionably and wearing red lipstick. This combined with other amazing feats like obtaining a copy of the next unpublished Harry Potter book, are her highest accomplishments.

Sadly, the movie never did address her one night stand or its consequences. I doubt this is realistic. *grumbling* Paris *more grumbling* In the end, Andrea figures out what she really wants and well, I won't spoil it for you.

While I wouldn't mind renting this movie, it's definitely not Theater Worthy. Movies that are Theater Worthy are the kind that make an impression on the big screen. They leave you breathless. They do not leave you whining and complaining about them hours after you have seen them!

For this, Shawn deserves a Punk Ass Beeeyotch. And while I'm at it, I give one to The Devil Wears Prada too! Shame on you both!

On a side note, there were a lot of retiree's in the movie theater. I'd say easily 3/4 of the audience had short white hair. During one of the movie previews, everyone laughed and I heard the old lady next to me say, "That wasn't funny. Why was it funny? I didn't see one thing that was funny." It hit me. In thirty years, that will be Faythe and I. *sigh* I guess you could say It has already started.


Daisy Ditzy Do said...

I totally disagree. It was amusing. It was cute. And in my opinion a movie is there to entertain for 90 minutes or so not to "leave you breathless". You expect an awful lot from a movie.

Faythe said...

What do you mean in thirty years that will be us? It's us RIGHT NOW!