Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Yards and yards of yarn!

Yesterday and it was my day off!! WOOOOOWEEE! I went to JoAnn's, PetSmart, Fry's and a local coffee shop, The Living Room. A weird combination, but I had a lot of fun, cause I'm easily entertained.

Anyway, you should see this new yarn at JoAnn's!! If you're familiar with the one pound skein of yarns, then you'll appreciate these skeins. In this first picture, I put a mint colored one pounder on top of the new yarn so you could compare them visually.

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Here's the four colors they had...notice how nicely they varigate! It appears the varigation is much more gradual than your basic varigated yarn. I'm trying to think of something I can make with this yummy stuff. Notice the price, $7.99, though I think if you found it anywhere else, it would be cheaper

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Notice the texture of the yarn. I don't think Faythe would like it, she has complained about textured yarns before. Something about her crochet hook and it getting tangled. All I remembered was hearing a lot of complaining and I blocked her out. hehehe

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And check this out,

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Yeah, that's what I said! 853 yards!!! I hear there's a purple version of this same yarn, so if you happen to see it, please let me know! My friend Janet is just dying to get her hands on some of the purple. Of course, I don't know what brand this yarn is, but I'll do some research and get back to you.

Oh, and look at these cuties:

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As we were leaving Joann's, we witnessed a security guard chasing down a shoplifter. The shoplifter climbed into a car full of other teenagers and they drove off. It was surreal though, as he was dodging through the cars in the parking lot and in front of some traffic on a major road. Idiot!

I also spent a few hours in Fry's...I just LOVE Fry's! I got to hang out with a bunch of computer geeks and gamers. Love it love it love it!


Faythe said...

My Joann's didn't have this yarn. I would have remembered seeing it. I do like the varigation, and it looks really soft. Blocking me out, eh? *shakes fist vigorously in Southwestern direction*

Brianna said...

The varigated yarn is beautiful! I love the dark blue one. Those 'kid' needles are cute....can you picture an adult using them! Ha.