Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh, hello!

I've been so tired lately, I keep forgetting to blog. It's as if I'm suddenly feeling my age, WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I used to be able to stay up late every day, get up early and still put on a good show at work. Or even pull several all nighters! Hell, I used to be able to have a left-over-from-the-night-before-buzz and still put in a good day at work! But alas, those days are behind me. Seriously, if I have a glass of wine, it's not long before I'm bouncing when I walk and speaking German to whomever I believe would be impressed. I'm such a loser, I mean, lightweight. Fortunately, I'm also a cheap date (one drink maximum). Meanwhile, I'm having a really hard time getting by with five hours of sleep each night. Still, I find it incredibly painful to go to bed by midnight. I think I was doing fairly well, until I worked that midnight-4:00AM shift. Now my nightowl self is back.

Anyway, enough complaining...I got a haircut!! I can't remember if I mentioned that fact. Yep, I'm now missing approximately seven inches. Give or take. Now my hair is all flippy and cute. I just love it! It has personality! It's happy! All the gay guys at work noticed my new cut immediately - all the straight people said nothing. Hmph. Go figure. If it wasn't for the boys, I would have thought I had a bad cut!

OH YEAH and I'm going out of town this weekend!! Well, actually, the 4th-6th. I can't say where because Apollo reads this blog and it's a surprise for his birthday. All he knows is our destination is east of California, we have to take an airplane and it's somewhere I haven't been. That's practically the whole US!! MU WA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!! I'm loving the suspense! But even more, I love that he's so excited. I love surprising people. It's gonna be so fun! I'm really looking forward to watching the fireworks at an exciting place, rather than my neighbors balcony. Of course I'll come back with pics.

Faythe's birthday is on the 30th (or in approximatley 35 minutes). I sent her package which includes OPT. I'm curious to see what she says. As soon as she's opened her package, I'll be sure to post a pic.

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