Friday, June 24, 2005

Tom, my poor, poor boy

Oh my... Where did we go wrong??

I'm stunned beyond words. I mean, he's actually getting weird. Why is it Hollywood affects some people more than others?


aimee said...

Wow. Can you say "fuh-reak"?!?
Gee, it really makes me want to be a Scientologist too... I mean, they seem to be so rational and smart. ick.
Poor Katie Holmes. She's so young. Of course, at that age (yeah, yeah, not so long ago), I really knew what I was doing too... not! :)

Brianna said...

Oh, he is so lame. He's a nut. Poor Katie, what is she thinking getting engaged to him?? I still believe it's all a publicity stunt. I mean, com'on, they're actors. They're good at lying. Tom really needs to stop pushing what he 'believes'. I'm sick of him already.