Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pink Bear in hospital

The Associated Press

Pink Baby Bobbi Bear entered surgery today to create both her arms.

As she was carried to the surgical couch, she comforted friends and family by saying, "I'm going to be OK."

Pink Bear reportedly checked into Knit and Purl Hospital this evening and is expected to be out of surgery later tonight.

Head surgeon Dr. Ray Leen refused to comment on the procedure. One hospital cat, on condition of anonymity, did say the first portion of the surgery has lasted longer than expected and has been punctuated by frequent breaks with the surgeon storming off and muttering under her breath.

Pink Bear is up for some big challenges in the days ahead. She will also be receiving ear surgery, an eye lift and nose job. Stay tuned for details.


aimee said...

hehehehehe... cute! i'm sure she's in good hands. :)

Yaya said...

Peanut is keeping her fingers crossed for bear... she is in our prayers :)