Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pink Bear denies plastic surgery

Pink Baby Bobbi Bear was released from Knit and Purl hospital today.

Doctors would only say her recent arm surgery was successful, which she demonstrated by raising her arms in apparent alarm at all the photographers.

In a press release, Pink Bear categorically denied any plastic surgery.

Earlier reports stated she would have ear, eye and nose surgery performed by Knit and Purl plastic surgeons.

Pink Bear insists her ears, eyes and nose are completely natural and untouched by any plastic surgery. The large Hollywood glasses hid any surgical wounds as Bear rushed past the press towards a waiting limo.

Bear is seen here flipping off the press.

Rumor has it Pink Bear will be moving to a new blog soon.


Yaya said...

Pink bear was right to flip the press off! It is nobody's business that she had surgery-- if she did.

Brianna said...

She's adorable!!

katrina said...

Freakin' CUTE! I love this one!

aimee said...

hehehehe... i can't even see any scars! dang paperazzi!... and i know i spelled that wrong... dang press!!!