Monday, September 25, 2006

Knit or crochet a hat for Melanie

I was surfing along through some San Diego knit blogs when I came upon the story of Melanie that touched my heart. Presumably around six years old, she was attacked by a dog and injured very badly. You have to read the full story here.

Now that you've read the story (please, click the link above) and if you're interested, here's the pattern:

Fat Hat*

Bulky yarn. (or double up)

Cast on 42 stitches

Join, and knit in the round until about 6 in. from the roll of the brim (or until it LOOKS right)

Next round: K5, K2 tog.
Next round: K4, K2 tog.
Next round: K3, K2 tog.
Next round: K2, K2 tog.
Next round: K1, K2 tog.
Next round: K2 tog.

Around the top: Pull tail through remaining 6 stitches. Run in the ends.

Sorry, I don't have a crochet pattern. But you guys are smart. :) Get your own. heh! Oh yeah, there's also other knit hats out there, you don't have to use this one. Contact Mary-Kay for mailing info. Or me.

*The hat must be super soft!!

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