Thursday, September 21, 2006

Apollo bastardizes pasta e fagoli

Apollo kept buying this soup as takeout from a local restaurant. Finally, I asked Shawn if he knew the recipe (I don't know why I assumed he'd know, maybe it's cause he's a food snob) and sure enough, he did. Here's the recipe, written out "man style."

The following food items purchased in the quantity of your choice:

chicken broth
kidney beans - Shawn prefers cannelloni (sp)...white beans
stewed, diced tomatoes
chopped up carrots
chopped up onions
small noodles
italian herbs such as basil, etc.*

Apollo is a meat man, so he added meat. I could tell Shawn was miffed at the idea of adding meat, but he picked out some Italian sausage for me. Apollo later bought some hamburger because, "that's not enough meat."

Brown the burger, sausage. Cook up onions and carrots. Add them to the drained meat, throw in the tomatoes, chicken broth, herbs and beans. If you want your soup a little thicker, mash some of the beans.

Let that all simmer for about a half hour. Apollo let his simmer for almost an hour because he got distracted by some people outside and was talking. *sigh* He's always talking to people!!

When you're done, throw in the noodles. You now have bastardized pasta e fagoli e meat. If you're lucky, your soup will look like Apollo's. If you are a traditionalist, it will have more liquid and will be sans meat. I'm not a soup person and I abhor stews...but this was pretty good. I'm sure the image of all that meat is making Shawn squirm. But, it was delicious!

*Shawn, please let me know if I've forgotten something! Also, how do you think it looks?


Anonymous said...

Even with the meat it looks good but its no pasta e fagoli! What it really needs is a bit of cheese :) Spinach is a good addition too.

aimee said...

Mmmmm... it looks really yummy! So meaty!!! And I must agree with Shawn: Cheese!!! But I'm a little partial to cheese.

It's making me hungry...

-K- said...

This reminds me of a more basic and probably more repulsive recipe.

I call it "GRUB"

Cook sausage in large skillet;
add cooked, cubed potatoes
and one bag of frozen vegetables.


When the vegetables are close being done, add a can of pineapple chunks.

Cover again and let the sweet, sweet pineapple juice seep into all the other ingredients.