Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fetching orange

I was recently inspired by someone I'm close to who commented the color orange has always represented good things for her. So I decided to try knitting up something that would possibly bring her a little luck. Tuesday I picked some yarn and proceeded to make this fingerless glove, "Fetching."

I'm not so sure about this particular yarn, Red Hearts Soft Yarn. I like the general pattern, but I think the worsted weight is too thick. I'm going to try something that isn't quite as heavy, like Shine worsted. Yes, I know they're both worsted but they're not the same. Believe me.

I guess I can try using the yarn called for in the pattern, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think that the cashmerino blend yarn would be faaabulous (I'm watching Project Runway). I was a bit disappointed with Red Heart Soft Yarn. I had hoped it'd be softer. Of course, I think using a size 6 needle which created a tighter knit made it feel...well, hard. Too bad, I really like the colors they introduced with this yarn.

Oh and yes, as the pattern says, I think it's very possible to knit this up on a weekend. And when you're trying to knit something up quick as a gift, that's always a good thing.


Yaya said...

I like the color. Too bad it is not soft like you hopped.

Yaya said...

hoped.... stupid typo! grrrr

katrina said...

Those are really cute!

aimee said...

Yay ORANGE!!! :)