Monday, September 25, 2006

Here it is so far

So before I gave ya'll a chance to vote, I started knitting. I couldn't stop. I'm like a crack addict when I see a pattern and have balls of yarn at my disposal.

Because I'm neurotic and a great fan of frogging, I just may do this over in the gray green. But this looks good..I mean, it looks better in person, I promise. :)

The leg of the stocking is knit with straight or circular needles. Once you get to the heel, you seam it together and use double pointed to finish it.

Staring at the name, I keep wanting to make changes (if I use all caps, the lettering won't look so jagged). And if I make changes, I'll switch over to the gray green. See, I'm torn between what is festive and what will really look good with the sparkly white yarn.

Help me, I have issues!

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Yaya said...

Looks very nice so far :)