Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pink Bear aka Lotus now a nanny

Lotus, formerly known as Pink Bear, is now living as a nanny with Peanut and her family in anticipation of an upcoming movie role.

For further updates on Lotus, please visit Peanut's Mommy's blog.

On a side note, I recently visited a yarn shop where I saw they are teaching classes on making a Baby Bobbi Bear at $75 a pop! Eek!

If you're knitting this bear and have questions, you're welcome to contact me. I'm by far not a master knitter but am willing to help. You'll need the pattern (it's copyrighted, I can't give it to you but it's only $4)...just drop a comment with your email address if you have any questions.


Yaya said...

Insane! Maybe you should be teaching the class?! I think this might be a new career for you... hehehee.

Oh, can you please send me the pattern. Not that I have the ability to make it... but it is nice to dream.

Oh, also, I was thinking that next time you make a bear as a gift, you can put something inside. You know, like those stores in the mall where you can stuffed a bear for your kid. You can put a tag on the inside with a comment or the person's name. Something like "From Rayleen to my beloved Apollo." :) I hope what I said actually made sense....

lora said...

Its much bigger than I thought! From all the pictures earlier thought it was only about the size of a barbiedoll. Very good work, and yaya's comment about putting something inside is a good one maybe a little heart or something like that