Friday, September 15, 2006

Bra's - or the lack thereof

During a recent phone conversation while I was running around looking for a bra that matched my shirt, a friend suggested I go without. Obviously, this person is a male. He didn't mean anything bad by it...after all, he's gay and has no idea how ridiculous such a suggestion is and definitely doesn't have any negative or positive feedback about it (as far as I know - Faythe and I are working on turning him into a Boob Man). I explained to him that nobody needs to see the girls flopping around pointing into different directions ("He went thataway" comes into mind) or want to see the effects of gravity.

Then I realized, a lot of girls go without bras. Of course, I decided to bring it here. Why? Why not? Please chime in so this male person can learn from the sisterhood.


Katrina said...

I never go without in public. I even wear one with my swimsuit. However, I go without one as much as possible at home!

Good foundation garments are the key to great cleavage!

Be careful to not wear an underwire bra if you are going to fly! They'll catch you at security and have to pull you aside and wand you!

Lastly, I say, if you have the boobage to go braless, go for it! I, however, don't.

aimee said...

Ahhh, bras. I don't care about airport security, they can frisk me with my underwire.

I would NEVER. I REPEAT NEVER. Go in public without one. I have nightmares about that!

I think my girls are looking for quarters on the ground... I would rather they look up at people (look them in the eye, dammit!), but they are apparently frugal and want the coins.

Going without (in public) is not nice. I will keep my stronger opinions to myself, but... maybe if I had Little Girls, it would be different, but I doubt it.

It's distracting and uncomfortable for anybody who comes in contact with a non-wearer... unless they are a guy who likes that.

Geez, if you want to be "crazy" and not wear something, don't wear UNDERWEAR! At least I won't be aware of it!!!

Brianna said...

Unless you don't mind the "headlight" look, wear a bra in public.