Monday, September 18, 2006


At least two years ago, maybe longer, I broke a glass in the sink. Glass was, of course, everywhere. For some reason, I didn't notice the piece of glass that had stuck itself way down into my thumb. All these years, I've had to be careful with how I use my thumb. This includes how I drive, type, pick things up, etc. If I wasn't careful and used the ball of my thumb, this stabbing pain would sear through my nerves. I know it doesn't sound like it shouldn't really hurt that much and that I may be exaggerating, but really, it hurt. A lot.

Well, a couple days ago it started to get in the way of knitting. KNITTING! I had HAD IT and decided if I couldn't get it out, I was actually going to see a doctor. But first, MY way. I took a pair of sewing scissors to my thumb and started cutting away. I could just barely see a funny colored spot way down in there, so at least I had something to aim at. I got down to the muscle, and though I thought I felt something scraping down there, it hurt too much so I gave up.

This morning, I noticed the small wound looked weird, so I squeezed it and some infection came out. Yeah, nasty. It started healing but then tonight, I noticed it was a funky color so I squeezed again and more infection came out. (Notice how I'm being nice and using the word infection. Oh, and the above photo is after the fact, it looks so much better without a foriegn object in it. It doesn't have that funny glowing purple look.)

Anyway, while squeezing it I saw something that wasn't red starting to poke out. I made haste, grabbing some tweezers and scissors and got to work. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was glass! Glass was scraping against the tweezers! About 15 minutes later and with some tugging, I pulled out the glass. I PULLED OUT THE GLASS!

It may not look like much to you (I used some Blue Sky Cotton worsted for scale) but that bad boy was stuck in the muscle of my thumb for YEARS! YEARS I SAY! Man, my thumb feels better already. I still feel a ball in there but hopefully that's only swelling.

I never thought I'd be so happy to get a stupid piece of glass out of me. I will forever look back at September 18th as The Day I Got That Damn Glass Out of My Thumb. OH YEAH BABY!


Yaya said...

Yay for you! :) I know exactly how you feel. I once had a piece of eggplant stuck in my finger for 1 week and I nearly cut my finger tip off to get it out. Yes, eggplant I said... sounds dumb, but very true. On my right hand there is a black dot, it's where I left a tip of pencil in my finger, It has been there for more than 15 years now-- and it is still there... So, I think you are very lucky to get the glass out. A glass! amazing.

Brianna said...

I can't believe you lived with that in your thumb for 2 years!! It would have drove me mad. I probably would have done self surgery and cut open my whole thumb too!! LOL

p.s - have you read my blog lately?