Saturday, September 02, 2006

My disease

Yesterday I programmed two local yarn shops into my cell phone. As I filed them under VIP it hit me; I just may need to join some sort of twelve step program. In related news, I recently took a vacation and a coworker asked me, "So, you're going to knit?" It wasn't the question that got under my skin, it was the way he asked it.

Clearly I have a disease, as evidenced by my recent yarn purchased at Holy Threads in Spokane while visiting Faythe. No, I didn't really have a specific pattern or baby in mind, but I sure did buy like I was clothing a nursery full of babes.

Since I've been back in SD I've been on a quest to find a shop that sells Blue Sky Alpaca yarn. In particular, I've been looking for more of the organic cotton. It's the stuff I'm making my Baby Bobbi Bear out of and I've fallen in love. Common Threads in Encinitas had a few hanks but sadly not much to get excited about. I rarely visit the shop as the way they organize their yarn really makes me angry. See, I don't visit a yarn shop thinking, "I want blue yarn." No, I go in with a specific brand in mind. Unfortunately, their yarn is organized by color. True, the acrylic yarns are in one section, some of the cottons (with cotton blends) in another, etc. But mostly, it's all just a big freakin yarn hell for a busy person who just wants to get their Bly Sky Alpaca yarn and get out. I stood there in front of the pink section for about ten mintues before I realized, no, there is no Blue Sky here. Then I had to stare at every other color section until...well, you get the idea. Nice ladies but for someone like me who's just plain neurotic, it's a scarey site.

Fortunately, today I called The Grove and found out that yes, they have what I've been looking for! I drove in to South Park and was practically clapping my hands and jumping up and down like a little kid at a candy store when I saw they had almost the entire collection of dyed cotton yarn. I bought this "Lotus" yarn for Peanut's Bobbi Bear. I'm betting it's going to be really cute.

If I remember correctly, this is the color Faythe bought to make her winter hat out of since it's so bright. When we first saw it, we felt it was going to make our eyes bleed. For some crazy reason, Faythe thought this was a good thing so she bought a hank right away and giggled wickedly in the store while waving it in front of me.

And because I can't let well enough alone, I picked up some dye free yarn in "Bone" as well. I think it'll make a cute bear too. I'm all about the bears right now!

Anyway, I think I've decided to give up fighting this disease. Instead, I'm going to fine hone my snobbery and go through my collection, see if there's anything I should get rid of and then maybe buy something official to store the yarn in rather than using plastic bags and a Rubbermaid container whose lid won't stay on.

Oh, I almost forgot to add The Grove to my cell VIP list...gotta get on that.


Faythe said...

So you finally broke down and bought the Lotus, eh? AAHAhahaha!! Today Mom's taking me to Soft Horizons, one of Eugene's LYS, and if all goes according to plan, I may have a surprise to send you!

rayleen said...

Well, this can turn out well or horribly. With your sense of humor, who knows! Thank god there's no such thing as...oh, I bit my lip! I'm not giving you any ideas!!!