Thursday, September 01, 2005

More Crying - and It's Not Me This Time!

I haven't been knitting. I've either been tired or have other things to do. But Brianna suggested I take knitting to work for my breaks...excellent idea. I tend to sit at the computer on my breaks and do other stuff, which is fine, but then I don't really get a break from my work area or my computer! I think I'll take some knitting into work that will be my "work only" project. Maybe something secret for Apollo? Hmmmm....

Hunter came over to visit i.e. get babysat by me a few nights ago. The evening started out wonderfully.

But open closer inspection was destined to not end so well.

Sure enough, the evening errupted into an all-out Cry Fest. Seems it was bedtime AND he's teething.

Why did they bring him over at bedtime?? Where's the Orajell?

How sad is this? I am posting photos of someone else's kid!! Well, it's either this or more cat photos. Mr. Cranky wins


Brianna said...

A secret Apollo project....good idea!

Kids are cranky when it's bedtime and even crankier when they're teething.

You're dead if it's bedtime and they're teething! LOL

aimee said...

awwww.. what a cutie though!!!