Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Elizabeth, Pre Felting!

I was interrupted several times tonight by neighbors knocking on the door for various reasons, but I managed to finish knitting Elizabeth tonight. At one point when I left the purse unattended, Simba fell asleep next to it. It's a challenge to keep any knitting project hidden from him, because he will hunt it down and sleep on them.

Here she is pre-felted:

I'll probably felt her tomorrow.


candsmom said...

Hi! I was doing some knit-blog surfing and came across your blog. Hope you don't mind! Your bag looks fabulous even without being felted. Your tension is so even; I'm envious! Looking forward to seeing the felted FO. Love the Knit Picks in your previous post. Shimmer's so yummy! :)

rayleen said...

Thanks!! I can't wait to felt it though, maybe tonight. MUWAHAHAHAHAH!!

Bonnie said...

Awwww!!! What a great pic of your kitty loving your project. So sweet.