Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bamboo Yarn

Now that my SP knows who I am, I can safely post this yarn without giving myself away. I did everything I could to not give her any clues.

This is Bamboo yarn! Yep, made entirely of bamboo. I bought these to make a purse for myself but haven't gotten around to it yet. It feels much like cotton, but with a tiny bit more...I don't know...squeak? It also has a shine to it - it's really pretty. It's not rough or harsh - I can imagine this yarn draping very nicely when knit up. The only bad thing is it has 77 yards per skein and is not exactly the most cost efficient yarn out there. But still, very cool. I'll definitely buy more.

I'm trying to find sources online cause I'm really excited about this yarn. So far, this is what I've found:

Classic Elite Yarns
Royal Yarns International

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