Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just When I'd Given Up...

Secret Pal Angels swooped in to make me feel better!! First, Barbara sent me a lovely package with yarn, school supplies and candy! Unfortunately, the candy did not make it to the photo shoot. They had a quick and ugly demise. We apologize for this but thank you...We? Why am I talking in plural about myself?? Freudian slip maybe???

I should start by saying I was extremely happy when I received the package. My Secret Pal wasn't able to participate so Rox quickly found a Angel to come to my rescue. Just the fact that I received a package was enough to make me feel loved! *sniff* Am I pitiful, or what??

So here's the stuff I pulled out first. EEEE! Presents! For me! It was all I could do not to rip them open before I took this photo.

I got YARN! OH YEAH BABY! I haven't bought yarn for probably a couple months because I'm saving up all my money for The Car. Like any addict, I was starting to go through withdrawals for my precious yarn...and LOOK, I got some!!

I'm thinking of making some Fuzzy Feet for _______ for Christmas and this "Orchid Thistle" is perfect! And I just LOVE Lambs Pride. It's so soft! Oh yes my precious yarn...I have needles and a pattern waiting for you! mu wa hah ah a haaaa

The yarn on the blue yarn bottom is a really soft cotton called "Hash, Classic Elite Yarns." At Barbara's suggestion, I'm going to make a washcloth with it. I've been waiting for the perfect yarn to make this flower washcloth from Weekend Knitting that Faythe got me.

Barbara also got me a lavendar candle (it smells nice and "clean"), candle holder and a water bottle! I've started using the water bottle at work - this gift had such good timing. I need to drink more water and with this baby holding 32oz's, it'll definitely help me meet my water goal each day! And the fact that it's insulated also helps to keep the water nice and cold. :)

As stated earlier, the candy didn't make it to the photo session. I also got some school/office supplies and a plastic container to hold them in. You can sorta see a corner of the container in the first photo. Too bad that I accidently deleted the picture. :( I was having some problems with the batteries and trying to manipulate them to get more juice and ended up doing more damage than good. Really, it's a long story. But I did take them to work where they are getting plenty of use!

Thank you so much, Barbara! You really made me feel special!

Imagine my surprise when I got a SECOND package a couple days later from Skylar! I definitely was not expecting this. Due to that whole problem with the batteries, I had to group everything into one shot. See that cute card on the top?? I just LOVE it!

I got a large magnetized note pad (on the fridge now), cards that I've already started using, and a Knitting Knobby! This thing is gonna be SO helpful! From what I understand, it makes I-CORD!! Yay!

*gasp!* Holy Cracker Jack!! I wonder if I can make small tubes of cord for small projects like baby booties and hats with this Knobby?? OK, I gotta go now so I can experiment with this new toy.

Thank you so much Skylar! You really helped restore my faith in the Secret Pal program. After I received your package I decided to go ahead and join SP6 and give it another try. :)

You guys are so cool.

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Brianna said...

Beautiful yarn!!!