Thursday, September 01, 2005

Man Eater AKA ?

Man Eater has made it home safely, but not without some problems. See, I was going to get her a new tank i.e. condo - the vase is just too small for this diva fish. At first I was going to buy it and bring it to work. But then I realized I wouldn't have time to do it and really, does my boss want to pay me to do work on the aquarium? No.

So I decided to bring her home. However, before I made this decision, I had drained all but a couple inches of water from her container and taken out her large decorative rocks. My reasoning being I was going to slowly introduce nice clean water to her icky water, etc. So, when I decided to take her home I decided I needed to put her decorative rocks back in the vase so I could use them for her "condo." Well, um, I uh accidently dropped one of the rocks on her head!! It slipped out of my fingers and hit poor Man Eater! She flipped out and did a little bit of a permanent nose dive. It REALLY freaked me out! I added more water and put in the rest of the rocks and hoped she would be OK.

Then, on my way down the stairs to hop into Chad's car (yay, cheaper gas! yay carpool lanes here we come!!), the glass lid that covers her container (it's not attached) slid off and into her water! ARG!! I have no idea if it hit her or not, but again she started splashing about.

*sigh* I felt sooo bad!

With images of me tripping and Man Eater flying across the parking lot, I carefully walked to Chad's car. Thankfully, we made it home safely. I put her next to the boys (my two male betta) and she didn't react. This morning I noticed she had what appears to be a flake of skin peeling away from the top of her body.


But, she ate dinner and she's swimming around and seems to be happy. So, when I think it's safe, I'll get her condo and introduce her to the new digs.

Meanwhile, I think "Man Eater" deserves a new name. Isn't it just like a gay man to call a female "Man Eater?" I mean, JUST because she killed and ate part of the male he put in her tank? :) If you have any suggestions for her new name, let me know. I'm leaning towards "Shanaynay." LMAO!

Here she is propped up on a cat food can in front of the boys tanks. Don't worry, they can't get to each other!

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Ricky said...

I like Man-eater, what's wrong with the name. I bet if you asked her she would tell you it's awesome. You could name her GoGo, Go Go Ubari like Poodle's cat. I love that name for a pet. Ooooh, what about kitty?