Thursday, September 08, 2005

No Knit Zone

I've really been slacking in the creativity department. I haven't knit or made anything in weeks! However, Christmas is looming (you need plenty of time when you make Christmas presents) in the not too distant future. I need to get started now!

I've decided to go ahead and finish the Elizabeth bag I started months ago since I need the 10 1/2 circulars for a potential Christmas project. I had originally intended on giving this bag to someone at work, but she quit unexpectedly. So far, the bag is going to be solid black, felted of course. If you see any good color combos or have any suggestions, let me know.

I'm also thinking of tackling some silk ribbon embroidery for Christmas. This will be the first time I've actually used silk, last time I used basic cotton ribbon. I'm not sure what to do it on though. Pillow cases are washed too much and I'm not sure how the silk dyes will hold up. Ideas?

OK, gotta go knit Elizabeth!


Skylar said...

I am glad you enjoyed your SP Angel gift from me! And I am sorry that you didn't have the greatest experience, but hopefully, SP6 will be better.

I've been reading you for awhile and thought I finally post. I am looking forward to seeing some of your knitting.

aimee said...

With the Elizabeth bag, it would be cool if you put a small, one time knit of bright color in it... that is, if you think it's too plain and it needs something. If you want to keep it basic to match with everything, nevermind. :)