Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Balls go to work!

Today The Balls went to work with me. They attempted to answer some emails but soon gave up when they realized they couldn't type. It seems they're not used to making any sort of effort on their own. They told me they usually just swing around and sweat all day.

After watching me type for a while, The Balls decided it was time for a coffee break. When I took them to the break room, they were amazed at all the choices. They stared up at them in awe.

In fact, they felt so much pressure from having to choose just one flavor of coffee or tea, they started to sweat profusely. It was nasty.

By the time The Balls made a decision, they needed the caffeine and bad. They couldn't wait for the Coffee Ambassador to finish up.

After bathroom breaks, The Balls dutifully de-germed themselves with some germ-X. Considering they did all that sweating, I was happy to see some sort of effort towards cleanliness.

Later that day, The Balls found the copy machine. I knew they were going to start trouble.

Sure enough, they decided to pull an office prank usually left to those who make questionable choices.

Fortunately, I found all the photocopies they made before anyone else did.

While I worked through the rest of the afternoon, they hung around and made comments like, "Why do they ask questions they already know the answers to?" and "Why the F*%& did they buy it if they don't even know how to refresh a page?"
I asked a co-worker if he would pose with The Balls while I took a picture. He laughed (???) and politely declined the offer. WhateverRRRR.

At the end of the day, they were more than happy to nestle into my pink bag next to my knitting and go home. Poor balls, they had a long day.


Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

The sweating! The copying! Pure Genius!

Yaya said...

The copying is tooo funny :)

JeanC said...

Hehehehehe, between your photo essay and the Peep's library research page my afternoon has gotten so much better :D

Joyce said...

I just love yer schweaty balls.

aimee said...


-K- said...

Very funny