Friday, March 23, 2007

More pics now that it's daylight

Since I stayed up late to help Mac clean up his bathroom (broken glass was everywhere) and woke up with a horrendous headache this morning, I decided to work from home. Some people may think this whole "car in the side of a building" thing is just an elaborate excuse to not come in to the office. For you, I present:

Exhibit number 1: A hole in the building with plastic over it to protect the building from that water falling from the sky.

Exhibit number 2: Cement parking thingy broken in 2 places. The picture only shows one. The force of the actual event caused it to break.

Exhibit number 3: A banged up car. Note, the trunk is damaged and will not close.
Hopefully, our landlords insurance will be proactive in matching up that license plate number with its owner so Mac can get his car fixed.

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Mom said...

Rayleen, I would think the landowners insurance would pay for the repairs to the parked car since it was on the landlords property.....parked! And the landlord can go after the owner of the person who did this. And while I am thinking of this b/c the car was parked and it was pushed I bet a 2 dollar bill the transmission is damaged too. I think Big Mac or the Landowner/land lord should get him another car. Ask the guys about the transmission part.
Love you