Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A few days to myself

I had three days off in a row. I wasn't expecting it and in fact, was caught off guard when I checked my schedule Monday night. It gave me some time to purge more stuff and clean.

Since it's also been cold here lately, I also had a couple pots of tea. What with the wind and the water falling from the sky, I had to put on my slippers and jacket! brr! We even turned on the heat tonight!

During my time off, there was an incident involving Apollo, a $25 budget and a shopping list. Needless to say, not all items on the list were purchased. Instead, other items such as a 4lb tube of balogna, Vienna sausages and a pack of party wings were brought home and Apollo went over budget.
I am not a fan of half-inch balogna sandwhich's. I couldn't eat it.

I started knitting again. I'm trying something knew with Shine. You know how you splice wool together by splitting yarn several inches in on each end? I tried it with the cotton. You can see the tails sticking out of the wrong side of the fabric above. I'm also trying to find a sweater pattern that's suitable for a boy. I think I've found something but am still looking.
Oh yeah, and I started using the elliptical again. It feels good! That just about updates my weekend.


OC Mama said...

I like your tea cup! :-)

Is it a Shelley?

aimee said...

Yay elliptical! I wish I had one now. :)

Rayleen said...

Yep, it's a Shelley! I love my Shelley's!! How'd you know?

OC Mama said...

My mom collects teacups and she loves the Shelleys. I think she has that one. LOL