Friday, March 16, 2007

The Balls have some down time

You may have wondered, where are The Balls? What have they been up to these days? Or maybe not.

Last night I got home after dark to discover Big Mac, Apollo, Tee and Rob (from the infamous WWE in the ghetto event) having a party in our parking lot. Since it's birthday month here at the gayto (where the gay hood meets the ghetto) so the guys do a lot of drinking outside with Tee's trunk open and music blaring. Gin and juice, plastic cups, pork rinds and Tabasco sauce were available in large quantities. It was disgusting.There was no escaping them as each of them sauntered up to me in creepy old man fashion and danced little jigs. One of them even danced around me in small circles, something like a Mexican Hat dance. They each demanded my attention and hugs. *shiver* (and yes, I'll be getting back to The Balls in a second here)

All women walking by were subjected to staring and mumbling. One poor old lady, who apparently knew them, overheard a not so quiet comment "She's got bow legs" and turned around to look at them. The comment was made as if it was a good thing. *sigh* I don't want to know, really.

Anyway (I get distracted easily), since I wasn't able to go inside yet due to all the dancing and Tee who wanted to tell me all his woes, I opened the back door of my car to get my jacket and lo...there were The Balls! Still seat belted!!

I had forgotten Apollo belted them in days ago so they would arrive safely to work. Then I realized, they've been strapped into the back seat all this time! At work! At the store! I wonder if people saw them. Anyway, The Balls will be joining the guys for their next gayto birthday soiree. (The idea of the guys using the word soiree is hysterical)

They're still in the car now. I'm sure they're sweating a lot. I may have to sanitize the car seat later.

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