Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Balls go to the Wild Animal Park

It was cloudy Monday morning, but we decided to risk it and go to the Wild Animal Park. The drive didn't take as long this time, probably because we were greatly entertained by The Balls.

As you can see, they were so excited about the road trip that they wanted to sit front and center. No longer were they back seat drivers. Instead, they kept yelling out "Swing left, swing right" in an attempt to get me drive around other cars.

Soon enough, they were jumping up and down trying to look out the sunroof. Here you see them acting silly and going "balls up."

We finally made it to the park and The Balls were VERY interested in the fowl in the pond. We paid for some duck food, threw it down on the ground and watched the ducks and geeze flock to us. Unfortunately, as soon as The Balls made an appearance, feathers and poo went flying. Nobody wanted to hang out with The Balls. They leaned up against the post and swore.

The geese would not stop complaining about The Balls! They kept honking at each other and us. One even grabbed Apollo's pant leg and demanded compensation.

Finally, to appease them for The Balls intrusion, Apollo gave them some food. We tried to do another photo shoot but with all the small children around, we felt uncomfortable unleashing The Balls. You know how crude and improper they can be sometimes.

Walking through the park, The Balls got excited when they saw this sign for "dik dik." They were sorely disappointed when they realized dik dik were not related to their friend, Penis.

Here's a dik dik. They can weigh up to 12 pounds and are about 14 inches at the shoulder, very cute!

Some meerkats writhing around in a big meerkat pile. This is about when The Balls started to sweat, looking at all those furry bodies in the hot sun.

After a short hike, we made it to the elephants and saw two baby elephants. We heard that the youngest one is 6 weeks old but their site seems to have his age at around 6 months.

You see, this is why we don't let The Balls run around unmonitored! They see signs like this and start to make lewd comments and insinuations. *sigh* I assume this comes from hanging out with "bad apples" like Penis. (Or maybe from being bad apples.)

The petting area for kids (can't remember what it's called) had a bunch of deer that were ultra kid friendly. This little girl was really cute but I kept waiting for the deer to head butt her.

I was so distracted by the little girl and the fact that the deer seemed to be missing fur, much like mange, that The Balls escaped. We found them leaning up against another deer. I guess they were bored and tired.

The deer (gazelle?) was not impressed.

He swore at us and we left. There was more to the park but we got bored and The Balls started to stink.


Yaya said...

Looks fun, I should take Peanut there sometime :)

aimee said...

LOL - the picture with the deer is hilarious!