Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Turning a new leaf (and throwing it away)

Perhaps due to my birthday which is looming before me, I've decided it's time to make some changes and throw some crap away!

The problem is I've been taught you shouldn't throw things away - that's wasteful! Plus, if you do throw it away, that's when you're going to need it. So through all the years of my life, I've saved things, squirreling them away until I can't even find them when I do need them.

This week, I looked around my depressing bedroom and decided it was time to get rid of some stuff. I've been going through clothes, books, etc. and throwing them out. My old Mac? Out! Printer, an extra monitor, some sheets that have lost their elasticity, out! Even some yarn!! It feels weird throwing away perfectly good stuff, but it's also relieving.

After I finish, I'm going to talk to the landlord about getting new carpet. And then I'm getting a new bed! And maybe even a bed frame! I feel so grown up. :)

Meanwhile, it feels good to get rid of all this extra, unnecessary crap. Yay!

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aimee said...

I LOVE purging stuff out! Of course, it always happens around when I move, but at least it happens! This time I'm giving to a shelter who gives the stuff away for free to those in need. Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!