Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Balls go to SeaWorld

The day started out innocently enough with a stop at Chick-Fil-A. The Balls seemed to take the cow face on the cereal box offensively, as seen in their body language.

We decided to go to SeaWorld. SeaWorld always runs a promotion at the beginning of the year where you can buy one ticket and convert it into a Fun Card, good for the entire year. Good thing too cause $56 is WAY too much for one person to spend for a single day at the park! Not to mention the $10 parking fee.

We got in just in time to see one of the killer whale shows. Three of the whales were lined up, ready to start the show. The one the furthest away is the baby born in 2004.

I swear, those balls are nothing but trouble. They kept getting in my way while I was trying to take pictures!

Oh, I forgot to mention that when they first let in the main whale, the baby whale shot in too but then realized it was alone without its mom and panicked. It quickly swam around the entire pool before shooting back through the gate to safety.

The show wasn't the best I've seen, I assume it's because they're training for tourist season. I wonder how deep the pool is? It must be pretty deep for a whale to be able to jump out of the water like this.

After the show ended, we meandered over to the dolphin area. It was feeding time and the dolphins were behaving badly if you didn't have any fish. This dolphin with the banged up fin splashed us several times in frustration when he realized that we didn't have fish.

The dolphins swam around open mouths, waiting for us to drop food into their mouths. I managed to touch them a couple times but when they realized we didn't have any food, they splashed us and swam away.

Ever wonder what the inside of a dolphins mouth looks like?

The penguin display is under construction. So for now, some of the penguins were swimming around outside in a pool. They were so cute! I was a bit surprised, I guess it wasn't too warm for them.

You may be asking, where were The Balls this entire time? They were in hiding! I brought them into the park in my bag, which was searched by an elderly gentleman. I know he saw them, they were hard to miss. He said nothing and kept a straight face. Due to all the little children around us and the constant barrage of other visitors around us, they spent most of their time in Apollo's inside jacket pocket. This may explain why Apollo seemingly offered them up in sacrifice to the sharks in the Shark Encounter. Needless to say, The Balls were not impressed. The sharks, however, were (see how that one sharks mouth is open in anticipation).

The Balls discovered a new meaning to, "Having your balls in a vice" when they checked out this set of Megalodon Shark fossil teeth. Scientists believe this shark reached 45 feet and preyed on whales. Nobody knows why they went extinct - can you imagine the horror of meeting up with this shark while out for a swim?

At the end of the day, The Balls were tired and got a ride on Uncle Apollo's shoulder. Since this was just our first outing with The Balls, we were a bit unprepared for their indecency and the nature of the events we would be attending. Never fear, more public outings are slated!


Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

I'm trying really hard not to laugh too loud while I'm at work. Those pictures are awesome!!

I can't wait to see where the balls end up next!

Joyce said...

Wish you could've put the balls in the dolphin's mouth! That would've been even more funny! Of course I've already spit coffee all over my keyboard, dammit....