Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Peanut: pattern tester

I started a new sweater for Peanut just after the Superbowl. I spent the morning going through my yarn supply and as luck would have it, I had just enough KnitPicks Shine for this project. I think.
I've already finished the back and front two panels. Next up is the ribbing of the collar and the sleeves. And buttons!
It seems to be running a bit large but that's ok, at least she has some room to grow into it. For the well being of all other babies out there, I hope Peanut doesn't mind "testing"out baby knits, even if they are too big.

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Yaya said...

Peanut is super excited about the new sweater because she is outgrowing her current one, and the one she has been wearing will be going into the Time Capsule on her birthday, so she is will be sweater-less soon !:)