Saturday, February 17, 2007

A trip to the zoo

I've been in a funk lately. So I was happy to meet up with Yaya and Peanut to go to the San Diego Zoo, which is a few miles from my place. (I live in a great location! Close to the zoo, downtown, airport, two malls, Petco Park and Qualcomm stadium and several major highways.) At the zoo, we met up with one of Yaya's friends, Michelle and and her son Luke.

Yaya and Peanut watch a bear eating something similar to dog food. The bear is hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see his silhouette in the entrance to the next cage. Peanut did a lot of finger pointing.

This sun bear was so cute! He was sniffing the air in our direction with his mouth open, sometimes sticking his tongue out to get a good taste.

Whenever she was close enough, Peanut kept grabbing for Luke's sippy cup. Grass is greener on the other side, you know. Even if you (ahem, Peanut) don't like sippy cups. You will want it because someone else has it.

I suppose the next best thing to being a lazy cat whose only concerns are eating, sleeping and pooping, would be to live the life of a baby. Think about it. Someone drives and pushes you around in your own limousine. Someone feeds you plus you have food and drink in a tray in front of you most of the time. You don't have to take bathroom breaks. You can crap your pants at will. Sure, there are some disadvantages but over all? They live the lives of royalty.

I took this photo specifically for Faythe. hehehehehe!! Peanut really enjoyed her....uh, what was it? All I know is she had something orange and something else with yogurt. Oh, and Cheerios. Cheerios are a popular baby treat. If you see Cheerios on the floor, you can be sure a baby has recently been there.

Unless of course a peacock is running loose and eats all the Cheerios. At one point Peanut pointed at the peacock and the bird leaned in to peck at her hand. Not because he wanted to hurt her but because a Cheerio was sticking to the side of her slobbery hand! Thankfully it fell off before he could get it.

Michelle took some pictures and showed them to Luke before sending them on to his Daddy.

After lunch, we headed off to the children's section of the zoo. Luke found this cute little, er, what's it called? Anyway, he stuck his face through the hole in the middle of this flower. It was cute to hear him giggling.
The meerkats dug furiously in the dirt for food or maybe an escape. The babies really like them. It didn't take long for Luke, who knows some sign language, to give us the sign for "done." So we moved on. (See? Babies have so much power!)

About four minutes later we were strolling out of the zoo when Michelle pointed out that Peanut had passed out in her stroller, face down onto her tray. She had some cute little marks on her face from the tray too.
It was good hanging out in the sunshine with friends and looking at the animals. It made me home sick too. Some of the exhibits had really nice pools and waterfalls. I miss home. :(

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aimee said...

Well it looks like you had fun!