Monday, February 19, 2007

Yay and nay

I'm finished with Peanut's shawl collar sweater! It's blocking now and looks huge. Jen may need to wash and reblock it when she gets it. Today I went to Michaels and got some different buttons for the sweater too. I had some others that were cute but decided I needed some that were more suitable to baby fashion. I ended up with some flower buttons and boy are they cute! Anyway, I'll post a photo tomorrow when it's dry.

I have jury duty on the 21st. I've learned some bad news about it too...I can't take knitting needles with me! What a waste of knitting time! I could have knit half a baby sweater with all that time.


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aimee said...

BS! It's BS I say! If you can take a pencil to jury duty, you should be able to take bamboo knitting needles!