Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stinky kitty question

My cats eat the same thing every day. Their bowl of Iams crunchy kitty food is filled frequently and they get a large spoon full of Friskies oceanfish soft food at dinner time. Sometimes if we have ice cream, we'll give them a few licks of ice cream too (only if it's vanilla).

So tell me, how is it that one day their poop smells "normal" and another day it stinks like they've been eating Taco Bell all day long? This phenomena puzzles us to no end.

Simba just made a stinky. It was so bad Apollo got up and cleaned out the litter box; no amount of Lysol was going to cover that stench.

On that note, hey look! I finished knitting Peanuts sweater! All I have to do is graft it together, add the buttons and wash it.


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aimee said...

Yay sweater! And I know what you mean about the cat's stinky poo. It's a strange thing.

Um, Buddy just slapped me. With anger and claws. Because Grace bit him.