Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My day

I had jury duty today. I was actually hoping to get picked, I really want to serve. It would be a nice change to my schedule and give me something to think about other than thinking up new ways to respond to a donkey who says they have already "done all those steps" after I ask them delete their cookies.

It turns out I had to be at the court house at 7:45 which is much earlier than I have to be at work. I was actually early but to my surprise, so were a hundred+ other people. I ended up sitting on the floor. By the time my name was called several hours later, I had read half of The Red Tent. Admittedly, it was better the first time around. Anyway, I was called up with a handful of other people to sit as a jury (we had yet to be questioned), waited for about 15 more minutes and suddenly the Judge came out to talk to us. It turns out both parties settled after we arrived. It was a medical malpractice suit.

Outside the court house a mentally unstable guy read out of a journal and yelled things at us. Amongst his rant he mentioned cutting the throat of a baby boy, how the Hells Angels were pretty, women who kill their children, documented events that happened at 7:31, 7:32, 7:33, and so on and miscellenous quoted conversations with a judge. He was also yelling either "I'll shut up for a dollar" or possibly "I'll tell lies for a dollar" every two or three minutes. He almost got into a fight with a passerby who told him to shut up and angrily marched off after a bicyclist (pulling a cart of people) who mocked him.

After Apollo picked me up, we went to the City Delicatessen in Hillcrest. Isn't it kind of weird for a deli to offer liver and onions? I was grumpy, we decided to get our food to go. Apollo later described me as growling. (I can't help it if people act stupid when I'm tired.)

I got home and decided to take a little nap. Four hours later, the cats and I woke up to discover I'd wasted a perfectly beautiful day! I must have needed the rest. :) Anyway, that was my day. I woke up in time to see American Idol tonight and am hoping it'll leave at least a better impression than last nights show.

Guess I'll be back to work tomorrow, holding the hands of those who can get their own answers from an FAQ. I'll probably snap one of these days.


Rayleen said...

Geeze, I typed a lot.

Yaya said...

Hey, I love the Red Tent. I actually listened it on a CD set --it was 12 CD, totally awesome. I hope ou like it too :)

Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

No pictures of the crazy guy??