Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Taboo Tuesday - *caution* tiny bit o blood

Through work, I managed to acquire some tickets for WWE's Taboo Tuesday last night. Now, normally I wouldn't go. But, I thought, why not? And since I'm suffering a pre-pre-pre-midlife crisis, this was a perfect opportunity to do something different. Plus I was hoping I could get some good photos and interesting tales for you guys.

The first interesting thing I saw was in the parking lot. Several guys were standing there next to their car (it was still daylight) taking hits from their bong. Nice. Speaking of blatant impropriety, I was surprised at how much of a family event this was! Children were everywhere! I even saw a commercial van full of kids driving by, as if they were on a field trip.

I met up with Brian, Bob, Samir, Apollo and three other guys whose names I have forgotten. Yeah, men! I love hanging out with men, they're so black and white! When we got there, the event had already started but we quickly found our seats. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. Our comp tickets ended up in the nosebleed section, not the pimp section. But we didn't complain because they were free. And free is always a good thing, right?

Not long after we settled into our correct seats (we mistakenly sat in the wrong section for about fifteen minutes), Beavis, Butthead and several of their closest friends came and sat behind us. They were SO loud and annoying! Here's some favorite lines from the Idiots:

--"Take his tie and strangle him with it until he's dead!"
--"Grab his gay hair and kill him!"
--"Kick his ass" *clap clap clap* "Kick his ass" *clap clap clap*
--"Dude, he acts like he wants to lose!"
--"Of course it's not fixed! They don't know who's going to win."
--*cough cough* *cough cough cough coooouugh* on the back of my head (Apollo giving Beavis his Scary Black Man Glare
--"I got $5 on that b*tch in the leather!"

And so on. I thought they were going to lose it during the diva's Women's Championship fight. It was...great. Just great.

I guess my favorite, as a newbie, was Rey Mysterio. That guy's so athletic, was throwing himself around the ring, jumping over people, doing was cool! One of his signature moves is The 619, you know, 'cause he's from San Diego and that's the area code south of the 8. The 619 move involves twisting and whipping himself through the ropes and laying the smackdown on his victim with his legs. Apparently he's really popular amongst the little kids and people like me, the newbies. Oh, and a lot of people were wearing variations of his mask too. Even the little kids. It was funny how grown adults were walking around during and after the event with their masks on like it was nothing. We saw several people walking to their cars and drive away with masks still on.

The other event that made an impression on me was the Steel Cage Match between Ric Flair and Triple H. Now, these guys got bloody! Really bloody! Even in the nose bleed section we could see how Ric Flair's bleached blond hair was solid red! And on the screen, we saw Triple H's face oozing blood! It was disgusting! But, I guess that's what The People pay for. After the fight was over and the steel cage was lifted back into the top of the arena, some people came in and rolled back the cover that was on the bottom of the ring. It was pretty bloody! After looking through Flair's old photos, it looks like he and H have fought a lot. Interestingly, their bloody photos are in black and white. I guess that's how they censor the violence.

Anyway, I don't have much to say (but I can blab on and on) nor did I get very many good shots. But I'll post what I have.

Lights, camera, action! The show was broadcast live online and on TV. See that square image on the other side of the darkened lights? That's what people saw on TV. Nice. Just below it is the area where the superstars would come out. Sometimes flames 'n such would shoot out from specially set up props on the stage. You can see some of them on the stage if you squint; they look like black cans lined up in rows.

I call this piece, "Steel Cage Match with Bald Head." I may have new wrinkles from squinting all night long. After this I took most photos zoomed in and without a flash, so they're blurry.

They got down and dirty! Here, Flair and H took turns throwing each other against the cage, bloodying up their faces and heads. There was quite a bit of blood on the floor too. (That dark spot is a chair.) Note how that guy has red hair...that's not dye nor is it natural, I couldn't believe how much Flair bled! Oh yeah, the yellow shirts were security watching out for fights. Frankly, I was disappointed in the lack of crowd interaction aka fights. I mean, this is WWE after all!!

"Let's go Ric Flair" *clap clap clap-clap-clap* "Wooo woooooo wooooo!" (inside Rayleen's head, "Shut UP F-Wads!") It was not a pretty moment for me. Apollo was trying to maintain composure but really wanted to reach around and pop someone in the head.

After the cage match, in which 57-year-old Ric Flair aka Nature Boy miraculously beat down 36-year-old Triple H aka The Game, those guys in red shirts ran out and whipped off the bloodied cover on the stage. They peeled it back like a dirty sheet and hid it somewhere in a matter of seconds. Chick in the black clothes introduced all the matches. Bob told me her name but she didn't get bloody so I don't remember.

Nice, sweet little angelic children yelling, "Kill 'em! Stomp on his head! Kurt Angle sucks!" Apollo wants to know how that came out of their mouth, "when they still have snot running out of their nose."

Eventually it was time to leave. Even before the last match was over, people were scrambling over each other to get out. A lot of people bought fake wrestling belts and wore them over their shoulder. These two guys kept coming and going for beer, food, bathroom, etc and holding their belts in the air as they ran up the stairs. Why? WHY?

I think Britney and K-Fed were there carrying their folding chairs, signs, and belts. (I just don't get Ugg boots with shorts. Ugg boots might be OK with other appropriate attire, but shorts?) Apparently, if you paid $150 for the floor seats, you got to take home your own special black folding chair with special red WWE photos and logos on them. Thankfully, they're padded so you can't hurt your loved ones too hard when you use them typical WWE fashion.

I'm not sure why I took this shot. I think I was going to say something inappropriate. Now I can't remember what it was. Hmm. Nevertheless, I have very few photos. It stays.

By the time we made it out to the parking lot (I was stalking someone trying to get a good photo for Faythe, it didn't work out though), we couldn't find our car! Because so many cars were gone, we were totally disoriented and couldn't figure out where we left it. DOH! Wandering around looking for it was totally worth it though because I found this lovely gem! This car had four signs total in the windows. They were warning us of the governments dangerous radars and lasers!

As far as I'm concerned, the best was saved for last. OH YEAH BABY!


aimee said...

Wow. That sign was awesome! And what's an "inconsitant cough"? That poor guy/girl... my coughs are always so consistant...

-K- said...

If I had seen that sign, I would have taken a picture of it and posted too.

I love seeing that kind of stuff.