Sunday, November 20, 2005


I just caught someone trying to steal my car! Due to my paranoia from the LAST TIME it was stolen, I am always on edge when I hear weird noises outside. Well, tonight I heard some noises and thought it was my neighbor getting into his car but decided to look outside anyway. I turned off my bedroom light and long story short, there was this kid looking around, acting suspicious! I waited and even backed away from the window, I thought he totally saw me! But he didn't, evidenced by the fact that he walked over to my car and started sticking something down the window! By then I had alerted Apollo and he made it outside and asked the kid, "Whassup?" in his scary black man voice and face (that's what I call's not a racist thing). At the same time I took a picture of him but unfortunately, the window was fogged and it turned out horribly. He didn't know that though. He got on his bike and wheeled away, turning to look at Apollo the entire time.

Here's the PUNK off to the left with his right hand on his bike, getting ready to take off because he just saw Apollo and my camera flash. The car on the left is an '05 Mustang, the car on the right with the Chococat antennae is mine. BASTARD!

Why would someone want my bucket?? It's almost 20 years old! It even has a steering wheel lock! It sits in a lot full of nice new shiny cars. Why mine?? Not that I wish this on anyone, but I always wonder, why??

Anyway, now we're on full alert and I don't know if I'm going to get my final done tonight or not. ARGH!


Faythe said...


Good thing Apollo went out there and scared him away! Maybe you should get your new car ASAP, because it seems everyone wants your old one!

Daisy Ditzy Do said...


aimee said...

Obviously, you have a pimpmobile and you didn't even know it!
Seriously though, that's crazy!!! People are nuts. I'm glad it didn't get stolen this time! Good job Rayleen and Apollo!!!!

MOM said...

for crying out loud!! will maybe they needed parts. Or maybe the punk thought whoever own the junker wouldn't notice it was gone. I have no idea!!!! When you get your new car have signs that says tresspassers will be shot :-) and you are on camera or something like that

rayleen said...


laurie said...

I am so mad for you!!

Thank God you shot him -- with the camera of course. bastard!!