Monday, November 28, 2005

Lace yarn

Anyone here use lace yarn? I'm having a hard time with it. It's so tiny. Do you have any secrets? Do you use teeny needles or needles with teeny points? Help!


Karen said...

Wish I could help, but I haven't tried lace knitting yet. I am making a scarf on Kidsilk Haze (maybe that's lace weight??) that is knit on size 10 needles - and it is pure knitting hell!!!!

Karyn said...

i got some lace yarn at knitpicks, and i ended up using it 3 strands at a time! i'm going to make a scarf for a friend. I was going to attmp lace, but my concentration these days is nill, and i haven't found an easy lace pattern for a simple that is knit back and forth like a wide scarf.

rayleen said...

What an excellent idea! I think 3 strands will be easier to pick up too. Hmmmm..... :)