Monday, November 28, 2005

Speaking of Thanksgiving...

I'd like to give thanks to my Secret Pal for my latest package! It arrived Thanksgiving weekend, making the holiday even extra special! I wasn't expecting anything so this was definitely very cool.

The box was filled with shredded bright orange paper...that definitely got my attention.

Inside was a nice note from my SP! She (I'm assuming "she") obviously has been reading my blog and taking note of what I like.

Starting from the left, she sent a small photo album. It's the perfect size for the notecard with the scarf pattern she sent me. The scarf pattern is written on a notecard and was included with the note. The photo album will be PERFECT for the notecard. And then I realized how perfect it will be for other traveling patterns! Instead of carrying around a full size pattern and mangling it, like I always do, I'll either write it down or photo copy it and put it in the photo album. Plus, it won't take up that much space in my knitting bag.

Next, is a Tea Bag Wallet. You can see that has a black button with a loop that keeps it closed. Well, when you open it, it unfolds to show four compartments holding four different tea bags.

I'm sure I could fit more than 4 in it if I tried. Anyway, this will be perfect for traveling. I already used one of the tea's...I needed something with caffeine and since everything I have right now is caffeine free, the English Breakfast was perfect.

Speaking of tea, she also gave me some Chai tea, WHICH by the way, is my FAVORITE TEA! I LOVE CHAI TEA!! Especially at this time of year when it's a little bit cooler (we San Diegan's think 61 is cold). I love to make it with milk and sugar, no water! Perfect, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Another tastey treat she gave me was the sugar-free Baskin Robins SOUR Sherbet candies! I LOVE SOUR! OK I'm slobbering just thinking about how much I love sour. Am I sick? Probably. :) And they're sweetened with Splenda too. In my opinion, the Splenda sweetened candies are the way to go.

And lastly, Noro Kureyon yarn! This yarn is a popular favorite of knitters and crocheters alike due to its beautiful color combinations.

My SP gave me a scarf pattern to try out with this beautious yarn. I'll have to give it a try. It's SO beautiful, I really want to make something special with it! I know how hard it is to buy something you really like and then give it away...don't worry, I definitely appreciate it!

Look, LOOK at the beautiful colors!


I suppose I'll just stare at it for a while; after all I'm furiously knitting away at my Christmas presents right now so it will be at least a month before I can try out the Noro.

Thank you SP! I love everything you sent!

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aimee said...

That yarn is gorgeous! I want to put my face in it!!! Nice colors... mmmm, yarn.... :)