Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My main squeeze - Hunter

Ten month old Hunter and his dad, Sean.


Anonymous said...

I notice the AFI shirt that Sean is wearing. A guy from your house Rayleen wore a shirt with those letters on it, it wasn't Sean, and I asked what it meant and where did he get it from. He told me that it was a name of a band, and it stood for "a fire inside".

I told this guy, who ever it was, that AFI in Tongan and Samoan, means FIRE!! weird huh?

anyway, kewl.. I am becoming a member on the Afi, offical message board just to check out what is going on in the "dark sided" HAHAH.. people..


I will never let go of that clip of that so called CHRISTIAN woman.

"Get the hell out of my HOuse, you dark sided people, GET OUT!!"

BTw, it's me Alan...

rayleen said...

I think that was Sean's friend, Angus. He lives in Ohio now, I think.