Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Welcome "Man Eater!"

I have a new fish. Paul gave her to me - her name is "Man Eater." Apparently she had an unfortunate incident with a male Betta that, well, did not go well. I guess he was not her type. She killed him when he tried to make his moves on her.

She's the black widow of fish. *MU WA HA HAHAHAAAA*

Man Eater is very dark, almost black, with blue-green accents. Her fins and tail are blue-green and her bottom fin has red in it. It takes awhile to get accustomed to her because she's not all fancy looking like the males, but she's still really pretty. Today I brought Kim's fish over to visit her. Kim is on a business trip to South Africa so I brought him over to hang out with Man Eater. It's OK, he's still in his vase. As soon as they saw each other, they both flared up and turned bright, brilliant colors. It was love at first sight! He keeps showing off and flicking around his vase, while she flares at him. I brought Rey Mysterio over (now belongs to Ray, Paul also donated him) who used to be Man Eater's boyfried and she actually ignored him! She swam to the opposite side of her container and sulked. Meanwhile, Rey was trying to fight with Kim Jr. It was like a little Betta love triangle. I put Man Eater between the boys and she ignored Rey Mysterio, so I guess their romance is officially over.

Paul also brought in Neutron, who belongs to Chad. Neutron was pink and shy. Since Chad bought him a condo, he has changed to blue and has overcome his shyness. Very cute. :) Maybe Chad will post a pic on his site?

Another donation from Paul to Axel is Short Bus. Poor Short Bus, in the beginning he would wedge himself between the bamboo and the tank all day long. We used to worry about him, but later realized he was OK. Now he's much more comfortable with his surroundings and hangs out in the open like a normal fish. Short Bus is primarily with with spots of blue and red.

I'll post pics of the office betta family on here when I remember to bring my camera into work. Meanwhile, here's a pic of Man Eater staring down Gumby.

I think she was trying to decide if he was worth her time. She spent a lot of time staring at him. Meanwhile, Gumby was playing it safe by surrendering immediately. He'd heard the rumors about her.

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