Saturday, August 27, 2005


Client Copia.....MUWA HA HAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAAA!! We're not alone after all!!

Some winners from their site:

Client: I am able to get my e-mail, but I'm not able to get on the internet. Me: Are you behind a firewall? Client: Oh no, no, nothing like that, we're just inside a metal building.


A girl was holding a sheet of blue paper with words on it and she ask me "I don't know why my printer at home won't print white on this sheet of paper ~ can yours?"


Potential Client: You can't possibly expect us to purchase something sight unseen! You do the web site and if we like it, we'll buy it.


Client: The Internet - that's the blue thing right?


Background: I work for a national chain of business centers (ala Kinko's)

Customer call...

Customer: Hi, I'd like to know if you have a dot com operator, there.
Me: Pardon?
C: A dot com operator. I'd like to connect to the dot com, and I want to know if you've got an operator there to assist me.
Me: Ma'am we don't have a "dot com operator" here, but we do have computers with internet access available for you to use.
C: Will these internet terminals allow me to connect to the dot com?
*At this point I decide its best to play along and not spend the rest of my night explaining the previous 30 years of network development.*
Me: Do you have a specific "dot com" you would like to visit?
C: A specific one?
Me: Yes... such as or, do you have a piece of paper with a "dot com" written on it?
C: Oh! Yes, I have a document with a dot com written on it. *she reads it, it sounds like the website for her insurance company*
Me: Ok then... you can come in and rent a computer to go to that address on the internet.
C: On the dot com? Will there be an operator?
Me: No ma'am there won't be an operator, but you will be able to connect to the dot com. Have a good night *click*

I can't even tell you how long that was a running joke around the office.

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aimee said...

I'm still amazed. After all this time, people still aren't with it! I know somebody just like that here where I live. It's sad.