Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Is This Bad?

So while looking for a place to park Tuesday night, I did a U-Turn on a narrow street. I was close to the sidewalk on my right hand side and I was so proud of myself because I missed the fire hydrant. So I stepped on the gas a little bit *hehehe* after I eased by the hydrant. Unfortunately, that was a bad idea. I sorta hit the curb witha nice thud. I was a little concerned because I heard a metal on cement sound. So when I parked, I took a gander.

See the white paint from the curb? Oh yeah, and I some how managed to scrape the tire and the wheel (where the hub cap should be - this is the side of the car without hub caps) on the curb too. Nice. But the best part is the hole - yeah, it's covered by a flap of rubber.

I tried to take pics where you could really see the hole. It's a pretty good size - the rubber flap is deceiving. Seriously, compare it to my sausage fingers!! HUGE!

Frankly, I'm amazed and impressed with my ability to ruin a nearly brand new tire. And this is several inches from where the tire meets the surface i.e. where the REAL damage is supposedly done!!

So, do you think this is bad? Should I have it replaced? With my wild imagination, I have envisioned the tire suddenly exploding while I'm driving down the 5 during rush hour and my car swerving wildling across the lanes, hitting cars that I'll never EVER be able to afford. Insurance rates shooting through the roof. Screaming, angry rich people. Causing a multiple lane car crash on the 5... *shiver* Oy, just the thought terrifies me.

Interesting how this is the side that I always lose hubcaps on and that has the broken parking light. Uh, yeah. I guess I'm a little "blind" when it comes to the right side. Good thing I bought special insurance for the tires. Poor Little-Car-That-Could. She puts up with so much.


toad said...

that's EXACTLY what can happen.... get it fixed immediately.

Brianna said...

I agree with Toad - that tire is done! Maybe this is an omen for you to buy that new car even sooner :)

Chad said...

please replace this tire immediately. Change to a spare if possible and just tell them you hit something on the 5. That damn road is coverred in shit.

Yaya said...

I like Chad's reponse. But I also think that its time for a new car! Think of it as a lesson learned, just don't do this to your new car. LOL!

aimee said...

You've replaced the tire by now... right?!?