Saturday, August 13, 2005

I Want to Love You...

...but I don't. No Prius, while you are gas saving and the best hybrid sedan on the market, I just don't like you. I can get used to your unique look - that doesn't bother me. Or the numerous blind spots throughout your body. Even the tiny engine! The lack of horse power doesn't bother this lead foot! Frankly, it's your tiny cabin and uncomfortable seats that I cannot deal with.

From the moment months ago when I started researching you, I fell in love with you. Like any internet romance, I fell quick and hard. I even had brief love affairs with others, like the Pontiac G6 and Mazda 6. But I came back to you.

But then...yesterday I test drove you. I wanted to love you, I dare say at least like you. But seriously, my back hurt afterwards and I couldn't get comfortable while driving. Your steering wheel was oh so small, your seats stiff and shapeless, and you were closing in on me. Seriously, I cannot be in a relationship with someone who is so confining. The bumper car at the fair was a much better ride. In fact, I felt like I had just barely met the height requirement to ride, er, drive you.

Another factor I was disappointed in was the price. Due to demand, I know there's no chance I can get you below $22k, and this is if I get the basic package. With a regular car, I can haggle down below MSRP. And after crunching some numbers, I realized I could buy the much nicer regular car and it would take me four years of buying expensive gas before I caught up with just the price I paid to buy you, Prius.

On a side note, I cheated on you on my way out of the parking lot. I took a quick test drive of the Camry. Sorry Prius, the love affair is officially over. Consider this our last communication.


Faythe said...

I have always been a big fan of Toyota sedans, especially when they were making the Corollas. I do think the Camry's look great. Is the Camry your frontrunner now?

Faythe said...


Brianna said...

I hope Mr. Prius doesn't take the break up too hard :)

Karyn said...

Ah, leaning towards toyotas now???

Believe me, they are great cars. I had a Camry, have a Corolla now, and both are good cars. Worry free, too.

p.s. my Corolla is named Iris.