Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friends of The Rat

It's lunch break and I'm bored. I don't have any thing new to post (just a bunch of car talk) nor do I have any children to talk about, so here's some old pics of my pets.

I found these on Faythe's site. I had to search her site using the internet archive internet archive to get them.

First is Daisy, my bunny that has since left us for the Great Beyond. Hope she's having fun there.

Simba looking as charming as ever. It actually looks like he has cheeks!!

And Zoe! I can't believe I got one with her eyes OPEN!

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Brianna said...

That's for the link to the "way back machine". Never heard of it before and I'm sure I'll need it sometime.

How often do you update the quote on your blog under the title?