Saturday, December 09, 2006

Woe of the Wii

A coworker stood in line for over 5 hours and was fortunate to be one of over 40 who actually got one of the 15 Wii's. Well, about a week later, someone stole it! He came home and his bedroom window was open...his personal laptop, Wii and Zelda game were all gone. His TV, DVD player and other game consoles were not touched.

I'm sure one of the 9 people who live in the house told the wrong person about his's just too much of a coincidence.

Meanwhile, I was given a tip on the when and where to get one myself. We'll see if it pans out. I'm not going to count my chickens before they're hatched (thanks for that one Grandma).

However tonight I drove by a Circuit City and saw them unloading a Circuit City truck. I made an excuse to go in while Apollo went in to a nearby store for drinks and asked the customer service girl if I could make an inquiry about an item that may be coming into stock since there was a delivery truck outside. I know I know, I was being one of those customers. But I'll do it to make Apollo's Christmas a good one. Anyway, I asked the girl at the counter and she said "we're not getting any deliveries." Me, "But there's a big truck outside that says Circuit City and they're unloading." 18 year old pops her gum and rolls her eyes, "We don't get deliveries at night."

I'm getting old. Teenagers annoy me. Especially the kind with black liner around their lips and severely drawn in eyebrows. Long story short, I just left. Anyway, I'm sure there will be more Wii stories soon. Hopefully Monday.

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