Monday, December 25, 2006

Wii time!

Apollo at the exact moment he saw the Wii in the box:

Apollo thirty seconds later with Liz looking in the box to see why his mouth was stuck open:

Because Liz and Mom were leaving the next morning, we opened our presents last night. Apollo stayed up late boxing with Wii Sports. :)


Yaya said...

I am guessing that he really likes his gift... hehehhehee

Anonymous said...


I laughed so long looking at these pictures! And I talked to him on the phone shortly after he got it - he sounded like he was in a daze! He was in shock! :D

Great job Rayleen!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I just love how his mouth is just hanging open from shock.

MOM said...

I wish you all were was there. He sit in one spot with his mouth wide open for a good 15 minutes. When Liz got up to check things up, Apollo at first was still in shock and then he pulled the whole box up to his chest cause he was afraid Liz was going to take it away from him and that was all it took with her. She's game! She did try to take it and it brought him out of his shock and we all laughed at him. Rayleen's camera battery ran out and I got some pictures of the two of them wreasting over the box. this was Apollo's christmas for sure and he deserved it dealing with and pampering all of us women. We had him coming and going thats for sure.