Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kitties want their stockings stuffed too

I was commissioned by the cats to make stockings for their kitty friends, so I used Simba's leg for an approximate length and faked my way through the heel and gusset to create a "nubbin."

These are the stockings for Grace and Buddy. Aimee told me Grace's favorite color is black, so I made it work. I also stuffed each stuffing with a mouse. This is Zoe's favorite mouse so I hoped the other cats would like them too.

Jojo, Copper and The Rat got their own stockings with mice too. I think I did a better job on their nubbins. I had fun making them. :)


aimee said...

Buddy and Grace were very happy. Actually, they were miffed that they didn't have their own stockings, so this made things peaceful around the house again. Thank you.

:) Seriously, I love them!

Yaya said...

So cute!