Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Elaine's stocking

This is my aunt's stocking. I didn't get very good photos but it looked great in person.

Though it looks like gray, it's really a sage color. It's really pretty. The green in the plaid liner seen here cut out, sewed together and ready to insert is also the same fabric used with Toad's stocking. This time, I used it because the green in the plaid blends nicely with the sage. The foot on this stocking is a bit smaller than on Mom's. As I described in a previous post, the more I knit these things, the smaller the foot gets.

The white yarn has a sparkle to it which lends to the snow look. I try to do something three dimensional to each stocking but with the snowflake design, what can you do? So I use the sparkle yarn.

I had planned on knitting more but I really do think three stocking each season is my limit.

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