Friday, December 08, 2006

What's the problem here?? And why am I using more than one question mark??? I hate that!

I've been nodding off at work, on my drive to work and home. I don't know why! I've actually had to drive with my windows down and radio blaring just to stay awake. Sitting here in front of my computer, several times I noticed I'm slouching towards my laptop, very close to turning my keyboard into a pillow. I've started going to bed earlier (slightly) and getting up earlier (hey, no hot water in the building means I have to get up earlier for a hot shower) but that shouldn't make a big difference.

I just got a cup of extra-strength coffee, according to the Coffee Ambassador, and took an iron tablet. In case I need that. Might as well.

I think the caffeine is kicking in...

In other news, new to knitting? Check out! This is one of the best resources I've found on the internet and I always recommend it to anyone who has knit related questions. You should see the button over there --> in my index area shortly.

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MOM said...

hmmmmm could it be possible too that you maybe getting alittle older and NEED a nap every now and then? I take one every now and then my self. But then I'm not fasr from being 60. WWWWAAAAAAAA! sniff sniff I hate getting old!