Monday, December 04, 2006


Saturday a holiday parade of some sort was scheduled to take over a major road near my place. I usually work that day so never go and consequently forgot about it. Well, I was sitting at my computer working when I heard a bunch of yelling outside. With the new businesses that have sprouted up near by, we seem to be experiencing more crime than usual, so I ran to my window to see if there was a fight or something. (For some odd reason I always run towards the gun shot sounds, I don't know why.)

Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window to see the parade marching by! First, I saw Mayor Sanders get out of the convertible he was sitting on and into a black SUV. Apparently this was supposed to be the stopping point for the parade but a lot of them didn't know. Including these homies with their cars that kept moving up and down on hydraulics. Sorry the pic isn't very good. I was in a rush. But I thought, only in So Cal would we see homies in a parade!

Several bands went by. This is one of the smaller ones. They marched and blasted music as if they were on the main parade route. Of course I had to critique them. Most of them were horribly out of tune. *shiver*

We also saw Ronald McDonald, fire trucks, princesses who were quite confused as to why they were waving at lone people standing on their door steps, dogs connected to carts, groups of urban kids groups of some sort, clowns and last, Santa Claus. Anyway, it was just weird seeing a parade right on our street.


aimee said...

hahahaha, that's just funny! :D

MOM said...

ahhhh a child after my own heart. See your like me after all. I mean don't "I" go towards guns shots too? I know I know I usually have a gun with me but thats another story! I the most important thing here is your taking after me.(Rather you like it or not) :-)