Monday, December 25, 2006

End of the visit

We took Liz and Mom to the train station this morning. As luck would have it, Apollo knew someone who worked there and their seats were upgraded to first class for free! They were both really excited, we watched them running around inside the train checking out the amenities and other upgraded features.

Their week long visit seemed more like weeks! We had a lot of fun, I'm going to weed through my photos and post the best of the lot here. Meanwhile, I caught a cold at Disneyland, surely caused by hanging out in the cold air after screaming my lungs out on the Matterhorn. I'm pretty stuffed up.

Oh, here's Mom's stocking. I'm really proud of it. That swatch of fabric is the flannel I used for the liner. I was happy to find colorful flannel that also had gingerbread men and hearts on it, matching the overall design.

The tiny Christmas lights and buttons worked out well for ornaments. Though I dreaded making this stocking in plain white, it turned out very well.

I have to do something about my nose. I just said something about "Mom" to Apollo and he wanted to know who "Bob" was. Not good.


Yaya said...

OMG, so cute!

Anonymous said...

beautiful job!