Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wii wishes

Today I signed up for automatic notification when a Nintendo Wii becomes available on any one of numerous sites online. For $6.50, I figured it was worth a try. I'd like to get it for a certain someone this Christmas and while I know my chances are slim, I thought I'd at least try.

Meanwhile, Faythe's ranting has inspired me to knit a simple sock. The only thing special about it is it's 100% wool, Cascade 220 to be exact. I've tried on other wool songs made of finer yarn and liked how they felt on my foot so thought I'd give it a try with another wool that would knit up much quicker. So far I'm pleased. The good thing about feet, they're not sensitive to potential itchyness from wool.

I'll let you know if I score a Wii. After I buy mine (see, I'm thinking positively), I'll post here if I learn of a site that's selling them.


Yaya said...

Wow.... good luck with that. I think Dave wants one too. How much are they?

katrina said...

I'm trying to locate on for our Christmas give away at work. The company purchases great items and then has a drawing during our holiday dinner to give them away!

Well, back to my Psyc paper.

I'll be down on Sunday, I'll call ya!